This blog follows the research and conservation work we are doing on our 25th Dynasty Egyptian mummy, Tahemaa, who at 2700 years old is in serious need of make-over!  Our conservationist has been meticulously cleaning the mummy case, revealing brilliant pigments, hidden symbols and decorations, after which the mummy herself will be examined to ensure her bandages are free of pests and fungi.  The final stage will involve commissioning a climate controlled case for Tahemaa and upgrading the displays in the Egyptology Room.

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By Grenham Ireland / August 1, 2019

Coffin Conservation: Part 1

Coffin Conservation: Part 1 (written by Bethany Palumbo) When Tahemaa died 2700 years ago, she was wrapped in linen and...

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By Grenham Ireland / June 10, 2019

Tahemaa Transformed

Who is Tahemaa? (written by Bethany Palumbo) ‘Tahemaa’ is the name of our Egyptian Mummy. We know this because it...

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