A to Z of the Solar System – Astronomy Talk

 A to Z of the Solar System

16th September 2014
Bob Mizon came once again to entertain us with his whimsical list of objects in the solar system, running of course from A to Z.
You might expect “A” for “Asteroid”, “B” for “Bolide” etc., but no… “A” was for “Aurora”, as might be expected, but “B” was for “Binary Asteroid”, with Bob showing pictures of asteroid Ida with its tiny moon Dactyl and an aerial picture of a double crater in Canada.
Similarly other unexpected items included “F” for “Fallacy” where Bob pointed out common beliefs that are erroneous, and “M” for “Mont Blanc” where an observatory was constructed that failed to work from day 1 because of clouds and snow.
Bob revealed he was very grateful that one of the Kuiper belt dwarf planets has been called “Quaoar”, otherwise he’d have been stuck for a “Q”.
It was an amusing and very informative look around the solar system, and Bob as usual excelled himself.
After the break, Bob gave us a run around what’s in the sky at night at the moment, using the free planetarium software “Stellarium” to illustrate his points.