Healthy Urban Microbiome Initiative - BNSS

Event date: 1st October 2019 at: 7.30pm

Speaker: Chris Skelly, BA(Hons), MSc, PhD, DPH


Dr Chris Kelly is Head of Programmes (Research and Intelligence), Public Health Dorset

Dr Chris Skelly leads a team of eight analysts working to change the culture of ‘intelligence’. His analysts are working to improve the level of shared understanding across our system, ensure the reliability of our data and to develop compelling public health narrative. He has more than 25 years of analysis, modelling and research experience across academic, government and private sectors.

He is also the International Programme Director for the Healthy Urban Microbiome Initiative, which currently involves participants from Australia, the UK, India and China.

Chris started his studies in the field of natural resources conservation and progressed through postgraduate degrees in earth observation science and climate change impact modelling, where the research challenges revolved around numerical and spatial modelling of phenomena that one could not easily measure directly. This challenge underlies many ‘intelligence’ problems, including those I have work on in health services planning, population health monitoring, animal and plant biosecurity, oil and gas exploration, and environmental impacts assessment.