Lecture: Wilding of Knepp Estate - BNSS

Event date: 5th February 2019 at: 7.30pm

Speaker: Isabella Tree

Knepp is the in-place amongst naturalists, the most successful rewilding project ever conducted in the UK. Will also be doing book signing. Recommend her book called ‘Wildling’ if you wish to know about farming, trees, deer, conservation, soil, worms, Turtle Doves, Purple Emperors, our ecological history (no, it wasn’t all trees, it was mainly thorny scrub), and a wonderfully written book, voted ‘Book of the Year’ by many publications, for once cheerful and optimistic. Unlike other conservationalist books, this is not theory – it has been done – accomplished on 3,500 acres, the only place where Nightingales, Turtle Doves, Cuckoos are thriving and increasing, and last year there were 2,500 Purple Emperor butterflies recorded!