Talk: Aviation around Poole Harbour 1910-1976 - BNSS

Event date: 13th April 2024 at: 2.30pm (in house and zoom)

Speaker: Kevin Patience

This talk is about the part Poole Bay played in connection with aviation from 1910–1976. Seaplanes operated from Poole in the First World War and in 1939 the harbour was taken over by Imperial Airways as a base for the Empire Class flying boats. The Second World War saw Poole become one of the busiest airports in the world operating flying boats and seaplanes. Brownsea Island became a STARFISH decoy base and was part of the defences in the protection of the Royal Navy cordite factory at Holton Heath. Kevin will also discuss the Battle of Britain and how in June 1944 Poole was a key port for the D Day invasion.