Talk: Emerging technology – Buzzwords, Hype and real Change - BNSS

Event date: 28th May 2024 at: 7.30pm (zoom)

Speaker: Dr Ian Hughes

In this presentation many of today’s (and tomorrow’s) buzzwords in technology will be explored. From IoT, 5g, AI/GenAI, Cloud streaming, Edge computing, metaverse, Spatial computing, AR, VR, XR, quantum computing, industry 4.0/5.0, Brain computer interfaces (BCI), CRISPR, open source, crypto, Web 3.0 (the list goes on). We will explore how many of these are coming together for meaningful change or not.
Dr Ian Hughes was a software engineer and is an industry analyst in the emerging technology space, a TV presenter and author of the science fiction books, Reconfigure and Cont3xt. Ian is a martial arts instructor 2nd Degree Black belt in Choi Kwang Do.