Talk: Secret stowaways: From the poignant to the peculiar; a history of hidden objects on planetary spacecraft - BNSS

Event date: 14th September 2021 at: 7.30pm via Zoom

Speaker:  Kate Earl

 Humans have become so technologically advanced that we can send spacecraft off to the far reaches of the solar system, retrieve samples from asteroids and comets, and design small helicopters that can fly in the tenuous Martian atmosphere. These craft are adorned with equipment that show our technical prowess and capabilities, but interestingly we seem unable to leave our jocular and sentimental nature behind, and have a habit of tucking away secret objects into the deep dark recesses of spaceships. Some are poignant, such as dedications to lost crew members; some are fun, such as Lego models and hidden codes; and some are even a little risqué! Maybe it is these profoundly human afterthoughts that demonstrate more about who we are as a species than the primary scientific equipment sent to perform an incredibly complex undertaking. To find out more, join Kate for this light-hearted talk on hidden away secrets, and the reasons why scientists and explorers simply can’t resist such personal additions.

Kate is a geologist who has a passion for astronomy, and hopes to make astronomy more accessible to the general public.