Talk: The Great Landslide - BNSS

Event date: 3rd August 2021 at: 7.30pm via Zoom

Speaker: Richard Edmonds

‘The tumultuous events of Christmas 1839 at Bindon, in the undercliff west of Lyme Regis, is one of the most famous landslides in the world and yet, until now there has been no model to explain what may have happened. Using modern aerial photography techniques and the open source resources from the Plymouth Coastal Observatory (part of the national strategic coastal monitoring network), which include LiDAR (laser ranging) and bathymetry (seabed mapping) it has been possible to map the full extend of the landslide and from that produce a model to explain what may have happened.’

Richard was the Jurassic Coast Project manager with Dorset Council managing and protecting this World Heritage site. Now a freelance geologist he has a deep knowledge of the history and geology of this area which he will share with us.