Talk: "Viking Astronomy" - BNSS

Event date: 9th November 2021 at: 7.30pm via Zoom

Speaker: Martin Lunn

The Vikings have acquired the reputation of being barbaric marauders. What is less well known is that they were very good astronomers. They produced their own maps of the night sky and have their own myths and legends to describe the sky. In this talk we will go back to the year 912 AD; a very good year to have been an astronomer, and we will look at the night sky as the Vikings would have seen it.

 Martin studied for his degree in astrophysics while working as a guard on British Rail in the 1970s. Before taking early retirement he was Curator of Astronomy at the Yorkshire Museum in York, and in 1998 he was presented with an MBE for services to astronomy and education. Martin is a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society and also currently sits on the council.