Talk: The Late Great Manor of Kingston Lacy. Christmas 1371 - BNSS

Event date: 12th December 2023 at: 7.30pm (zoom only)

Speaker:  Martin Papworth

This story is a blend of both archaeology and history. Kingston Lacy medieval manor is an ideal medium to demonstrate the value of both. The talk begins with the discovery of a medieval hunting lodge during building repairs, it then leads on to the medieval documents found at Kingston Lacy House, which in turn located the site of the royal manor house in the park. seen in the roots of a storm-felled tree. In 1371-72 John of Gaunt invited his father Edward III to spend Christmas and New Year at Kingston Lacy. The documents detailing this event both personalise the history and reveal the significance of this site. Definitely the place to be that year; though now an area of grassland within Kingston Lacy Park, 200m north of the present mansion.