By Keri Murrell

Wallace’s final residence was in Broadstone, Dorset. Originally, he was drawn to it due to the orchard. In 1905 he wrote;

“The main charm of the site was a small neglected orchard with old much-gnarled apple, pear and plum trees with a view over moors and fields towards Poole Harbour… the house was nearly finished in about a year, and we got in Christmas 1902, when we decided to call it Old Orchard’.

As a further bonus being close to his previous residence in Parkstone he could bring his plants to the place. In the subsequent three days following his death in November 1913, he was buried in Broadstone Cemetery. Meanwhile, a commemorative plaque was attached to the ‘Old Orchard’. It stated:

The ‘Old Orchard’ Commemorative Plaque, by Grenham Ireland

Moreover, it remained here until 1964. After that, ‘Old Orchard’ and surrounding acre was bulldozed, following it being sold for £16 000 (£321,554 in 2019). Consequently, the land was used for housing development. Yet the plaque was saved. Subsequently, the Linnean Society donated it to the BNSS.