Books on Scientific Subjects are available to members for loan and reference…

librarian.jpg…with emphasis on: Astronomy, Geology, Botany, Zoology, Entomology, Archaeology,
Geography and Travel (especially Dorset, Hampshire and the New Forest).

The Lending Library

Open to members on Tuesday mornings and for 1 hour before lectures.

4000 volumes available for borrowing.

Nature, New Scientist, Dorset Wild Life, The Garden, Geographical Magazine, etc.
available for reading in the Library.

The Reference Library

Open to members on Tuesday mornings between 10am and 12pm, and at other times by arrangement.

1000 volumes available for reference.

A complete run of Nature from Issue 1 in 1869 to date.


The Natural History of Bournemouth and the Surrounding Area



In 1914 the BNSS published a book entitled ‘The Natural history of Bournemouth and District’ a study of the flora and fauna of the area at the time.

In 2009 the Society published a modern version of this study entitled ‘The Natural History of Bournemouth and the Surrounding Area’.  This book, researched and written by members of the Society, is a celebration of the Natural history of the Bournemouth area.  It describes and records the amazing variety of flora and fauna within a 15 mile radius of Bournemouth and also covers the area’s history and geology.  There are many photographs, mainly taken by members of the Society, together with maps and diagrams.

We hope that the unique insight will encourage the reader to study and appreciate wildlife and enjoy the many open spaces that Bournemouth and the surrounding area has to offer.

The book has a foreword by Chris Packham who writes ‘…this book has come from hearts, not hard-drives’.

Copies are available direct from our premises and the following sources:

Local bookshops (such as D.J. Brooking, 420 Ashley Road, Parkstone)

The Bournemouth Visitors Information Centre

Wessex Books