Tenant Rooms for long term letting

The Society currently has 2 rooms to let but Room 12 is really two rooms and could be let independently of Room 13 with which it has a communicating door which can be locked. Room 13 has its own entrance and could also be let independently of room 12.



Room 12 (1st part)

11’ narrowing to 8.5’ x 16’ approx.

3 South facing windows

2 double sockets

Centre light

Deep cupboard


Door to landing and door to far part of room

Room 12 (far part)

11.5’ x 16’ approx.

2 South facing windows

9 double sockets

Phone socket

Strip lights


Door to 1st part of room

Room 13

20’ x 15’ approx..

3 South-facing windows

4 double sockets

Openreach master socket

Strip lights

Fixed wall heater


Door to landing & door to room 12


A toilet on the landing is reserved for tenants.

Access to the kitchen for water.

Car parking places and normal access times to be discussed.

Terms to be discussed. Electricity is separately metered.

Available from 13.2.23