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The Society has extensive collections of butterflies and moths from both the UK and abroad, with smaller collections of other insect groups, such as dragonflies and beetles. We have regular, well illustrated talks, throughout the year and field trips and mothings at local sites, through the summer months.

Orange Tip butterfly

Insects NEWS

Mothing at Pig Bush, New Forest.

June 21, 2014

21st June 2014. IDENTIFIED CAPTURE LIST. MACROS. 27 Species identified. 1. Petrophora chlorosata. Brown Silver-line. X2. 2. Noctua comes. Lesser Yellow Underwing. X1. ( at treacle) 3. Lycophotia porphyrea. True Lover’s Knot. X5. 4. Idaea straminata. Plain Wave. X1. 5. Ochropleura plecta. Flame Shoulder. X1. 6. Melanchra pisi. Broom moth.X3. 7. Spilosoma luteum. Buff Ermine. […]

Mothing at Pig Bush, New Forest

June 15, 2014

15th June 2014. IN ORDER OF CAPTURE. MACROS. 24 Species identified. 1. Rivula sericealis. Straw Dot. X1. 2. Dipterygia scabriuscula. Bird’s Wing. X5 ( all at treacle) 3. Opisthographis luteolata. Brimstone. X1. 4. Plagodis dolabraria. Scorched Wing. X5. 5. Apamea monolglypha. Dark Arches. X1. (at treacle) 6. Ourapteryx sambucaria. Swallow-tailed. X1. 7. Melanchra pisi. Broom. […]

Insect Report 2013

January 2, 2013

BNSS ENTOMOLOGY. LECTURES 2013. January29th. Some more insects in winter. A talk by the societies chairman about how many of our local insects spend the winter months, including those that hibernate and others that are very active at this time of year. February 16th. A simplified introduction to Entomology. A simple view, of the complex […]

Insects Report 2012

January 1, 2012

BNSS. 2012 LECTURES. January 10th. Insects in winter. Mark Spencer. February 21st. New forest insects. Paul Brock. March 31st. Insects of the Sumatran rainforest. Jonathon McGowan. April 24th. Spiders and their lives. Simon Moore. June 26th. Some invertebrates of India. Jonathon McGowan. June 30th. Some insects at Martin Down. Mark Spencer. August 4th. Insects and […]

Insect Report 2011

January 26, 2011

RECENT WORK AT THE BNSS. I am pleased to report that quite a lot has been achieved with Entomology at the BNSS during the last 12 months. Ben Limburn has done an immense amount of work to help preserve the large collections, from the ravages of pests such as the Museum Beetle, by tirelessly rotating […]