Bournemouth University Inaugural Lecture: What it means to be a monkey on the planet of the people - BNSS

Event date: 24th January 2019 at: 6.30pm (entry) for 7pm start

Speaker: Professor Amanda Korstjens

Professor Korstjens is a behavioural ecologist, who studies animals in their natural environments. Her work has taken her around the world to places such as Indonesia, Côte d’Ivoire, Costa Rica and Uganda. Professor Korstjens’s current research explores subjects such as the influence of climate change and human disturbance on primate distribution patterns, disease transmission, social behaviour, and human-wildlife conflicts. In this talk, we will explore how their environments shape monkey and ape behaviours and how human modifications to natural environments and climate change are affecting monkeys and apes globally. Amanda is Professor in Behavioural Ecology at Bournemouth University and has studied non-human primates in the wild for over two decades. The talk will be light-hearted and suitable for all with plenty of opportunity to ask questions during or after the presentation.