Talk: Seahenge in Context: from Discovery to Interpretation - BNSS

Event date: 7th February 2023 at: 7.30pm (zoom only)

Speaker: Dr Clive Bond

This lecture will discuss the discovery of the famous timber structure, Seahenge (Holme l) but go beyond the controversy. The context of Seahenge (and its sister monument Holme ll) will be explored by looking at the practices and beliefs of earlier Bronze Age communities in West Norfolk at the time. Places that would have been frequented by local people who built and attended ceremonies at Seahenge will be raised: places of artefact deposition and bodies in bogs: bronze artefact hoards on hill tops and rivers; burials in barrows and even ‘ritual’
landscapes. These places and local people are the real context of Seahenge which until now has not been understood as one rich fabric of a well connected and diverse Bronze Age prehistoric society!