Talk: Sudden or degenerative sight loss - how accessibility software and technology can help - BNSS

Event date: 19th March 2024 at: 7.30 pm (zoom only)

Speaker: Kris Gibson

Kris Gibson from Southampton Sight will discuss supporting the visually impaired community on what, how, and where assistive technology can help them connect to the internet, negotiate smart phones, and retain independence. Himself severely sight impaired, Kris will also touch upon the issues of employment, the support available, and working with sight loss. Having been born with a degenerative eye condition, it is fair to say that Kris Gibson comes with a lifetime’s experience. Kris believes passionately that the loss of sight does not mean the loss of life and strives to meet the needs of others to support independent and full living. After all, in this brave new world of high-tech wizardry, where there’s a will, there’s an app!