Talk: Walking with Giants: On the Banks of a 130 Million Year-Old River - BNSS

Event date: 28th January 2023 at: 2.30pm "in house" and via Zoom

Speaker: Megan Jacobs
The Early Cretaceous (Barremian) Wessex Formation, of the Isle of Wight, UK, is one of the best places in Europe to find dinosaurs. This island is full of brightly colored sandstones and floodplain clays that regularly yield fossil remains ranging from fish and crocodiles to huge dinosaurs and giant pterosaurs. Take an exciting look back in time at the Wessex Formation and its ancient floodplains and forests. Learn about the geology, meandering rivers, complex soils, and the high diversity of animals from insects to pterosaurs, as well as what we have even recently learned from dinosaur stomach stones.
Megan is currently a visiting researcher at the University of Portsmouth, with research focusing on Late Jurassic and Early Cretaceous vertebrates, including Ichthyosaurs, pterosaurs and dinosaurs.