Talk:  Wildlife and Birds of Poland - BNSS

Event date: 18th May 2021 at: 7.30pm by Zoom

Speaker:  Richard Bashford

Join Richard on a virtual tour of Poland’s most well-known wildlife locations. Richard has made many trips to Poland over the last twenty years, and this talk will firstly illustrate the breath taking the world-famous Biebrza National Park Marshes – home to terns dancing over the wetlands and waders galore, including the bizarre Great Snipe and multi-coloured Ruffs. The fields and meadows here are also home to iconic species such as Corncrakes and Cranes. Richard will then show you the atmospheric primeval forests of Białoweiza, where most of the European woodpeckers can be found, alongside Nutcrackers, Pygmy Owl and the star of the show – European Bison.