Bournemouth in Bloom – Winners

Members will be pleased to know that BNSS did well again this year in the Bournemouth in Bloom Competition. 

The Ginkgo Biloba came top of the Champion Tree category, winning a Silver Gilt certificate and a shield.  The Sweet Chestnut also won a Silver Gilt certificate, came top of the Trees Contributing to BioDiversity category and won a cup.  Our Witch Hazel tree gained a Silver as a Small Ornamental Tree, our back garden a Silver for being Environmentally Friendly, while in the Places of Learning category a Bronze was awarded.  The trophies are now on display in the entrance at No 39.

We attach a panoramic photo of the back garden showing the Witch Hazel and the Sweet Chestnut trees; and another of the Ginkgo tree. 

Photos courtesy of Tony and Sally Grant

Great Big Dorset Hedge

Many of you will have attended the talk about the Great Big Dorset Hadge Project given by Julie Leah on Tuesday 3rd October.

More information about the project and how to volunteer for it was given in Julie’ last slides which you can view here

BNSS Garden Success

This summer Jill Abbot entered the BNSS Garden into Bournemouth in Bloom Competition. At the October presentations we were gratified to be awarded Tree of Excellence grading for our three tree submissions: our Loquat for Small Ornamental or Flowering Tree; our Tulip Tree for Champion Tree – notable for sheer size, age or heritage value, or an example of an uncommon species; our Sweet Chestnut for Tree Contributing to Bio-diversity – good for bees or provider of habitat or food source for bats, birds or mammals.

The latter actually won a trophy and plaque as the Overall Winner in the category.

We were also presented with a Gold Award for our back garden in the Environmentally Friendly Spaces category.