Holes Bay Nature Report

Members may be interested in the Holes Bay Nature Report (NB. This is large document with over 150 pages)

The annual Holes Bay Nature Report aims to promote Holes Bay and the surrounding area as a haven for nature; to record and share wildlife sightings and to encourage more records.

The recording area covers Holes Bay itself, the Creekmoor, and PC World Drains, Upton Country Park, and the surrounding farm fields. Records of birds overflying the recording area are also welcome. Sightings can be shared via our Holes Bay Nature Twitter account or by emailing Nick Woods (nick.woods4@btinternet.com)

Holes Bay Nature Team: Martin Adams, Sally & Tony Grant, Jackie & Nick Hull, Steve Smith and Nick Woods.

Autistic Spectrum Condition Talk

Many members will have heard Dr. Rachel Moseley’s illuminating Zoom talk to BNSS “Life through a different lens, the brain science of autism” on Tuesday 26th October. She has kindly provided us with her slides from the talk which members who attended, and those who didn’t, may wish to see. The final slides have many links to resources which may be useful. The file (pdf) can be seen here (it is 4.8 Mbytes in size).